Our company is ready to provide full service packages which make a foreign investment in farmland easier to handle and overlook. Our practical experience helps to keep project development time down to a minimum.

We support the land acquisition process, buying farms, land registration, valuations and due diligence.

In addition to our farm land development we handle companies as owner of farmland on behalf of investors in order to keep the investment as simple as possible for our customers.

Our team is assessing suitable farming areas on soil quality, meteorological data, infrastructural access, irrigation and other aspects. We have a very wide expertise and long experience in the selection of agricultural land, the purchase, topographical measuring, mapping, land documentation and land book registration.


Company set up, Company principle office, Accounting, Legal financial reporting

Legal consulting

Land evaluation and management:

Location evaluation:

  • agricultural history
  • soiltype and quality
  • meteorological data; precipitation, temperature
  • irrigation
  • flood and draught risk
  • infrastructure; access to road, rail, water, airport
  • agricultural supply, machinery service
  • social aspects; labour supply, access to bigger cities

We advise on technical agriculture and farm management.

We specialise in crop selection, establishment, soil management, agronomy, machinery, nutrition, harvest, storage and marketing.

Farm Management:

Operative management:

  • Farm set up
  • Farm managing
  • Lease management
  • EU subsidy and funds for rural development
  • Support for EU-Subsidy

Farm operations in Romania are applicable for EU subsidy programs. Here we cooperate  with highly experienced and specialized  consulting companies for our romanian projects.