About us

AgriSeb SRL  is an agribusiness company with practical experience in the agricultural sector.
From classic farming to niche farming and then agricultural services.

AgriSeb built a portfolio over the years of large, medium and small types of clients.

Agriseb helps investors overcome the challenges of investing in international agricultural land and farming projects, enabling them to acquire, manage and exit investments successfully, be it for a single asset or a diversified portfolio of investments across the Globe. Our consultancy services are to be provided on the basis of a short term or medium to long-term time window.

The AgriSeb consultancy covers all the regions of Romania.

We are interested to develop European partnerships with ag consultancy companies.

AgriSeb consultants are from farming backgrounds with practical experience of day-to-day farm management. Who better to genuinely understand the pressures and changes currently faced by the industry and to advice on practical and workable solutions.