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Nature___Fields_Trail_in_a_wheat_field_081300_The Egyptian authorities have succeeded in achieving wheat acquisitions of 3.3 million tons of the international market, during this season. Russia, France and Romania are now Egypt’s biggest wheat suppliers.

Egypt is the biggest wheat importer at global level with over 10 million tons per season, and at the same time, the most important commercial partner which Romania has for this product.

Romanian wheat implies businesses of approximately 1 billion euros per season, money which is divided between farmers, processors and merchants. Romania is amongst the first five wheat producers in the EU and it is one of the most active competitors on the export market.

The 1,6 million tons of sunflower crop, harvested by farmers during this autumn, places Romania on the fifth position in the top of the biggest sunflower producers, in the 2015-2016 season, at global level.

Romania manages to keep its European leadership in sunflower production and the second position in corn harvesting. The estimations for augmenting the sunflower crops will support Romania’s position for this product, in the European Union. The competition, Bulgaria and Hungary, will be closely behind. Romania will continue to be the second biggest corn producer in the EU, behind France.

Romania has the biggest statistical weight whereas rice production exportation is concerned, for the 2015-2016 season, amongst the active economies over the international market for the trade with this type of product.

Romania is the eighth biggest rice exporter at global level, but the competitors’ production statistical weights remain inferior.

The most important deals with Romanian rice are made in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates.

Source Agro Financiar Romania